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Computer Simulation Technology

Computer Simulation Technology is a advanced mode to develop packaging machine.
It generates 3D model through building database of machine components and digitalizing drawings in computer.
This 3D model can display the actual process of production including production capacity, failed products rate, running errors, etc.
This method saves developing cost in most economical way. It can find problems before the machine is being manufactured in real.
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Advantages of Servo Motor in Filling Machine

  • Capping Machine Accuracy: achieve precisely controlling of position, speed and torque.


  • Speed: good speed performance, rated speed is up to 2000P/H to 3000P/H.


  • Adaptability: high anti overload ability,suitable for the occasion of load fluctuation and quick start.


  • Timelessness: quick dynamic response, delay time is within a dozen milliseconds.


  • Comfort:low heating and noise.Steckregal
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Stepper Motor in Packing Machine

Electrical power pulse signal will be entered into angular displacement or displacement the central line control components Capping Machine.
That means when stepper driver receives a pulse signal, stepper motor will circle a preset orientation.
There are three main characteristics of stepper motor. First, it is good overloading. Its rotate speed is not influenced by load,
unlike common motor, when the load is large, the speed will reduce, so stepper motor is suitable in special situation that is
restrict to speed and angular. Second it is convenient  to control. Stepper motor is rotary as per stepper, digital features are obvious,
and the development of computer improves the development of stepper motor. The last, it is simple structure. Traditional motors are
so complicated that they are hard to adjust. When stepper motor occurs, the structure is simple.
It is a new start that stepper motor is applied to packing machinery. Many old equipments  can use stepper motor, now they are
widely used in printing, filling, packing industries. Stepper motors ` technology are improved day by day, it believes that stepper
motor will develop better and better, and improve the development of packing equipments.Steckregal

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The Most Potential Packing Machine is Full Automatic Packing

Capping Machine is integrated with artificial intelligence and electronic technology, and develop automatic packing machine.
It is significant to merchants for not only increasing production efficiency but reducing enterprise cost. Full automatic packing
machine becomes the most potential packing machine.
It is a tendency for development of full automatic packing machine, though there are many full automatic packing machines
in market now, most of them are in the state of low level. Compared with former packing machine, today`s packing machine
can be called automatic packing machine, but the automation is needed to be improved. Under condition of such background,
domestic packing machine develop.Steckregal
Our country is a productive nation, packing machine are popular in market. Although our country have surplus labors, labor
shortage has been occurred continually and labor salary has increased day by day, all those troubles enterprise. Full automatic
packing machine solve these problems well. Less people can run this machine which can ensure efficiency and quality of products.
Rat race in market has spread largely, and packing quality are concerned by customers. Those conservative enterprises will be
washed out time. Full automatic packing machine  can change packing mode steadily. 

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The Characteristics of Gas Flush Packing Machine

Gas flush packing machine, adopts inert gas such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide or mingle of both to replace the gas in the bag and seal it,
is also called gas replacement Capping Machine.
There are two kinds of gas flush packing machine in the processing of production.
First is vacuum gas, replacing inert gas. In operation, products should be filled into bag, then vacuum the gas, last flush gas and seal the bag.
This packing technology rapidly develop.
Second is nitrogen replacement. This is main used in the product which is not easy to vacuum, such as food, coffee and tea, etc.
There are three main factors that influence the effective of flush gas packing machine.
First, try best to replace gas.
Second, use proper gas according to different food.
Third , the quality of flush gas device, such as the effective of sealing.
The benefit of flush gas packing: reduce or avoid oxidation; restrain the growth of microorganisms; reserve the color, aroma, taste and nutrition.Steckregal

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How to Purchase Labeling Machine

As the saying goes, any product needs packaging, packaging products, good or bad directly affects the market value and image. In particular, pharmaceutical, food industry,
the most important, as they and the public's daily life;  bottled product labeling is the top priority after the packaging process, labeling machine is a combination of machine,
electricity, gas , light, magnetism as one of the mechanical and electrical equipment. Along with the advance of economic globalization and China's successful accession to WTO,
labeling machine during the packaging of products play an increasingly important role, then what is the best machine labeling machine do? How choose a good manufacturer labeler it?
As the one in the field of automated packaging machinery professionals are on their own experience accumulated over many years, combined with some of the problems facing
manufacturers in this for in analysis, only for your reference.
    Selection of quality labeling machines Note:Capping MachineSteckregal

    First, the labeling machine speed: the manufacturer must be in accordance with their requirements, combined with the preceding line to determine the speed of purchase
labeling machine, a perfect match can be taken into account, so as to realize optimization, rationalization, harmonization.

    Second, the labeling machine accuracy: labeling process is the final product packaging, labeling products directly related to the quality of the appearance of the image
and marketing, label accuracy, printing effect is good, the label does not wrinkle formation, no bubble was is a symbol of quality, otherwise it will reduce the product grade invisible.

    In the final analysis, affect the labeling machine labeling quality (speed, accuracy, stability) of the important factors for control systems and electrical systems, most of the
Asian and global labeling machine manufacturers are stepping motor combined with PLC program control.